Atheism attacks Christianity in a lawsuit against its ministers for the abuse of popular credulity and the substitution of person. It is the first time in the history of mankind that a religion is prosecuted directly in a law case that will end with a verdict regarding specific and defined crimes.

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Bernadette Soubirous, or the imposture of Lourd

Always carrying on the commitment I took in order to unmask the
imposture of the Church, even though I'm currently busy writing a book
about cheats and swindles of Fatima, I should mention however
something very interesting about Lourd and its miracles many people
talk about in this 150th anniversary.
Bernadette Soubirous was fifteen years old when she had what is
declared the first apparition of The Immaculate Conception in the cave
of Massabielle.

Her father Francois Soubirous was an alcoholic and her mother Louise
was always drunk.
Bernadette was of a delicate constitution, suffering from her lungs;
she was born and grown into one of those environments out of date and
extremely poor, where children are weaned with wine and alcohol is the
solution of all the problems, including to silence hunger pains and
fight diseases.
Encouraged by her mother, believing that wine could give her strength,
when Bernadette was fifteen years old she was already considered a
girl who drank, as is confirmed by Commissioner's wife, Mrs. Jacomet.
She told about the Soubirous family referring to the time of the
apparitions as follows: <<Bernadette's father, Francois, was an
alcoholic and her mother Louise was always drunk>>. I never heard
something against Bernadette, except that she usually drunk, and her
catholic biographers themselves, who can not hide a documented truth,
trying to preserve her from accusations of alcoholism write so: <<Far
from being an alcohol-addicted, Bernadette drank to better bear her
asthma attacks>>.

Now that we have a better idea of who Bernadette really was, we can
tell about what was her first apparition in 1858 February the 11th;
her mother Luisa asked one of her daughters to go and gather some
firewood, and Bernadette wanted to go with her. It was a wintry and
rainy day, Bernadette's mother feared that the cold could make her
daughter's disease worse, but she agreed to let her go as well because
of Bernadette's insistence. The biographers only tell that Bernadette
covered herself up warmly before going outside, but they tell nothing
about that glass of red wine that everything leads us to think
Bernadette drunk, maybe encouraged by her mother, who used alcohol to
fight the cold and the diseases, as we told before.

Jeanne Abadie, a friend of Bernadette and her sister, went with them.
To reach the spot where they would have found the firewood, they had
to cross a small river, on the other side there was a cave.
While Bernadette's sister and her friend passed on the other stream of
the river with no difficulty, Bernadette being afraid of wetting her
feet stood on the shore and began to throw stones in the water to
create a dry way. Bernadette's sister and her friend thought
Bernadette was doing something fool; after laughing at her, they went
on leaving her alone in her foolish act, putting stones in the water.
Bernadette's sister and her friend Jeanne Abadie, noticing
Bernadette's behavior was dreamy and bizarre, asked her on the way
back home how she was feeling, and Bernadette told what happened to
her: in this way she set the beginning of the first episode of the
soap opera of Lourdes.

She told she saw a white light while she was alone inside the cave
that was in front, a sort of reflection that she couldn't explain, so
she called it <<aquero>>, which means <<such a thing>> in local
Psychologists all agree that Bernadette Soubirous had an hallucination
caused by stress, or even by alcohol.
The fact that Bernadette was subject to crises of delirium by alcohol
is confirmed by what she made during one of her apparitions, exactly
the eighth: << On February the 25th a crowd was in front of the cave.
Bernadette fell on her knees as usual, assuming a ravished expression.
Then she stood up, it seemed she was looking for something, wavering
and walking in different directions. Then she stopped and began to
scrape the ground in a corner of the cave. After a moment of
reflection she put on her knees again and brought her face to the hole
she had done; she took the mud that she had mixed with her hands to
her mouth and then she suddenly spat it disgusted. She did this three
times, the fourth she washed her face. Then, walking on all fours,
began to eat the grass that was grown inside the cave. When she
finally stood up had a dull expression and was all dirty with mud. All
those present, thinking she was crazy, went away saddened.>> (*)
The pastor Peyremale was an upright and balanced man who never
believed in apparitions, and when he got to know of the fact told
above he defined Bernadette: <<A liar who eats grass like animals>>.
After this brief exposure of facts we can finally conclude that all
the planking of Lourdes is built on a glow, on an <<aquero>> that even
if the Church may have turned it into Immaculate Conception, to
psychology and common sense it always remains an hallucination due to
red wine.

Good health Miss Bernadette Soubirous!

Luigi Cascioli.

P.S. If you impostor priests are convinced that I made these
statements aware of lying and you don't denounce me for slander, you
don't because you know better than me that everything I told is true.

(*) To justify this foolishness the Church say that the Virgin herself
told Bernadette to dig the ground at that point because she would have
found a source of miraculous water, the same water that is sold in
bottles in Lourdes today and is also used to fill swimming pools and
bathtubs for sick people to defecate and urinate inside.



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© Luigi Cascioli