Atheism attacks Christianity in a lawsuit against its ministers for the abuse of popular credulity and the substitution of person. It is the first time in the history of mankind that a religion is prosecuted directly in a law case that will end with a verdict regarding specific and defined crimes.

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Questions generated by "The Da Vinci Code"

To answer the question that everybody is asking, after having read "The Da Vinci Code", if Mary Magdalene has been married or not to Jesus Christ, we have to take in consideration two other personalities, i.e. Lazarus and Menahem, who are involved in this marriage by the Holy Scriptures and also by historical books.


In the gospel we read that Jesus was the master of a squad of twelve disciples, that Mary Magdalene was the woman who washed his feet at Bethania and that Lazarus was the brother of Mary Magdalene and also the son of Giairo. See the miracle of the resurrection (Mt.9,18-Mc. 5,11-Lc. 8,4-Gv.11). ( To understand the paternity ascribed to Giairo it is sufficient to consider that all four stories, even if they change in some details, refer always and in any case to the same person, i.e. Lazarus).


Out of the historical texts is resulting that Jesus has been constructed on the person of John, the firstborn son of Judas the Galilean and leader of a band of revolutionaries (Bohanerges).

From Flavius Josephus we learn that Lazarus, son of Giairo, was bound by parental ties with Manahem, son of the same Judas the Galilean. ( Judean war ... )

It's from this kinship that we can, not only confirm the existence of the marriage, but also get an ulterior historical proof of the non-existence of Jesus because of this kinship that would result incomprehensible if the husband was really the son of Joseph and not of Judas the Galilean as results from the innumerable affirmations which came to us from the historical texts.

Menahem and Lazarus, being brothers of two spouses, one from a man and one from a woman, confirm us with their kinship of brothers in law that the marriage existed and that the spouse was the firstborn son of Judas the Galilean.

That Jesus, alias John of Gamala, was the husband of Mary Magdalene is once more confirmed by other documents telling us about this band of Bohanerges by the falsifiers transformed in a group of disciples, preachers of peace:

From the gospel of Philip discovered in Egypt in 1945 during an important archeological research: "Mary, who was the spouse of the Lord, went everywhere with him. The Lord loved Mary Magdalene more than he did any of the other disciples and often kissed her on the mouth in front of everyone".

The papyrus 8502 of Berlin, called the gospel of Mary, mentions that the other disciples were jealous and resentful because of the predilection the Lord felt for Mary: "Perhaps the Lord has spoken secretly to his wife before speaking to us and without doing it openly? ( here it is Simon, the other son of Judas the Galilean, who is speaking) Do we have to humiliate ourselves and submit to her? Perhaps he prefers her above us?"

From the coptic gospel we learn that Peter openly argued against Mary Magdalene: " Simon, called Peter, said to the other disciples: - Mary should leave us because women are unworthy of life - and the Lord, hearing these words, turned to them and spoke: - Behold, I will guide her making her a male, so that she will become a combatant like us -.

Already the contempt alone that Simon displays against women saying that they are unworthy of life, would be enough to prove that here we have to do with a band of judean rebels followers of the most extremistic Mosaic laws.

At this point I think it is not too rash to suppose that among the people present at the supper there was also Mary Magdalene, the combative wife of John of Gamala the leader of the Bohanerges band. - ( From the book "The Fable of Christ", Cap.12, edited on the first of January 2002, when nobody had yet discovered that in "The Last Supper" of Leonardo Da Vinci the face of a woman was concealed in that of the disciple John, disciple who, as a matter of fact, wasn't there, could not be there, because the true apostle loved by Jesus was Lazarus. But this is part of another chapter.

In the hope that I've been useful for the resolution of the main questions that came out after the publication of the book "The Da Vinci Code", I greet cordially all my friends and enemies, whether intelligent or idiots.

Luigi Cascioli.

I dedicate this letter to all my supporters in order to fortify their determination to combate the obscurantism of the " ETERNAL CORRUPTER".



Thanks to a perfect bank and post service, the first edition of The Fable of Christ has been outsold also due to an excellent carrying out of the consignment

© Luigi Cascioli