Atheism attacks Christianity in a lawsuit against its ministers for the abuse of popular credulity and the substitution of person. It is the first time in the history of mankind that a religion is prosecuted directly in a law case that will end with a verdict regarding specific and defined crimes.

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Nudism & Satanism

Naturism and nudism came from the reaction to taboos imposed by repressive and obscurant laws, and are evident proof of mankind’s need to live according to a moral code based on common sense and reason. To propose a doctrine that allows mankind to enjoy the benefits of nature peacefully in “reasonable well-being” (Epicurus), represents the secular balance that frees man from the hatred generated by the conflict of the two eternal antagonists, good and evil, the former represented by a repressive and chastising God – the Christian God, and the latter by Satan – a permissive and licentious God. Two extremes that, by placing the body as the object of their contrast (one humiliates and chastises it, considering it an obstacle in the search for spiritual perfection and the other exalts it as the only source of pleasure) can only cause pain, regression and anxiety.

They are really only a gaudy realisation of Zaratustrian cosmic dualism that determines the conflict between light and darkness, which Christianity still continues to support in its most primitive form through magic rituals, with its priest-sorcerers busy in the farce of drawing signs in mid-air and sprinkling holy water in order to exorcise someone or hurl curses at their antagonists, the angels of darkness, who at the same time hurl insults and curses back at them during their Satanic ceremonies.These Satanic ceremonies, called black masses, are only the revolt of nature against a god who by hindering the enjoyment of the pleasures that he himself created, proves to be wicked, cynical and illogical.

If Satanists celebrate their rituals by imitating Christian ones, they do so in order to express the hatred and resentment they feel towards a religion based on the repression of the senses, whose morality they consider an enemy of mankind and therefore only worthy of profanation and contempt; they spit on the hosts, they desecrate the images of the saints and the Madonna with the most obscene acts, they urinate in the goblets, they burn slippers and excrement instead of incense, they chant funeral songs to stimulate their lust and use the crucifix as a means of vaginal masturbation and even if it may seem incredible, those who were present reported that these collective orgies were mostly held in monasteries and convents.

Both white and black masses are only the repetition of those “magic” rituals that were performed in the pagan “cults of mystery” so that all present could take part through the communion of the senses and end up in a collective orgy. (Baccanali). (FAVOLA DI CRISTO – web site:
From the confession of a Satanist: “ With preparatory chanting and sounds that accompany the dancing of half-naked maidens in front of Satan’s altar, the participants proceed to have a meal, which in a crescendo of sexual exaltation, leads to a ceremony where nudity must be considered a basic rule. The obscene acts and foul language used against God and all that refers to him, not only represent rebellion towards the repression of a degenerate morality, but also the liberation of any hypocritical restraint that could represent the impediment of the full participation of the general orgasm, an orgasm which in completely satisfying even the most unconscious desires, leaves the participants in such a state of reconciliation and serenity that it brings them to love even those who only a few minutes earlier were the object of hatred and resentment.
In her biography Saint Angela of Foligno confirms the fact that orgasm generates catharsis after she declared that she had possessed Jesus in her ecstasy, “not in a spiritual way through thought, but in such a real, tangible way that I could feel the participation of the body”, and she describes the serenity and tranquillity she felt following orgasms like this: <<During the ecstasy it was as if I were possessed by an instrument penetrating me, which withdrew, tearing my flesh… I was filled with love and incredibly satisfied and my limbs crushed and broke with desire while I languished, withered and grew weak… When I eventually came round from these raptures of love I felt so light and fulfilled that I could even have loved the demons>>.

It is the aim of all religious ceremonies to join the participants together in the communion of the senses, in fact even the white masses celebrated by Christians with songs, sounds, the smell of incense and the glittering of silver planets and golden reflections of goblets and patens, ends in a collective orgy of the senses, which has only a spiritual appearance.
Even if those present all participate in this mystical-sexual excitement, those who are mainly involved, apart from the clergy who get nourishment as well as moral justification for their own depravity, are sexually repressed people such as eunuchs, spinsters, widows, and especially latent homosexuals, who are searching for the satisfaction of their secret desires by breathing in the liturgical magic wafting in the air during ceremonies, like the vapours of a drug.
The difference between black mass and white mass is that while the former ends in the total serenity of the senses, the latter leaves its followers in a state of apparent satisfaction that only makes their sexual desire grow and accentuates the neurosis caused by repression, leading to pornographic diatribes in the confessional, to paedophilia on the part of priests, to priapism (erection of the penis) commonly revealed in the shadows of the sanctuaries after a day of ceremony and prayer (read the depositions of the hotel owners in Lourdes), and above all during ecstasies, when the saints have hysterical orgasms when mating with the Madonna or Jesus Christ, according to their sex.

The origins of Satanism

Magic, which started in Egypt as an art that was able to dominate the occult forces of nature through objects attributed with supernatural properties, underwent a substantial revolution under the Arab peoples because, by using the reaction of certain minerals to achieve practical results in the field of research, they transformed magic into a real science that they called Al-kimia (alchemy), where Al stands for “quid” – a Latin term meaning “a certain something”, which had to be discovered in order to get the desired result, and “kimia” meaning the entire work necessary to carry out the research.Alchemy was introduced in Europe between the VIII and IX centuries by Gnostic people who having failed in their search for God at a philosophical level, wanted to get to him through the manipulation of matter. The concept on which they based their theory was the following: as there are chemical procedures able to free minerals from impurity, there must be a procedure in nature able to give back to man the same state of purity that Adam had before committing the original sin.

In this way the spirit was associated with matter, assuming that the secret would have brought man back to primitive integrity which could only be found in a substance that was able to give maximum purity, they started searching for the “quid” (Al) which would have enabled them to transform the most common minerals into the most precious of metals – gold, through distillation, sublimation and crystallisation that they succeeded in doing by mixing acetate, sulphate and every type of acid and above all aqua regis that, being the only element able to corrode gold, assumed a prominent role in the search for God.

As the much sought-after substance had to have, in order to purify the soul, a chemical power as well as a theological value, it was called “Filosofale” meaning “philosopher’s” (Philosopher’s stone).
The belief that brought the Gnostic alchemists to sustain that you could find the essence “quid” through chemical procedures, a theory which would only make people of good sense and reason laugh, was justified in the “Logos” (Jesus) who, by becoming flesh and bones, had accomplished the union, that is to say the fusion, between a transcendental divine world and the human world made of corruptible matter…(It was from this analogy placed between the Philosopher’s stone and Jesus that the church got the pretext to persecute the alchemists as heretics and burn them at the stake, when the Church realised in the XV century that it would give rise to theological contest).

As a consequence, alchemy, which had lost the value the Arabs had given to it by elevating it to an exact science based on research and reason, now acquired a theological nature and was once again relegated to the world of magic, a religious magic which according to the convention that white is the symbol of good, was called “white magic” by the same delirious mystics who created it.
These philosopher-alchemists were certain that such a complex and elaborated magic could not be understood and therefore would not be followed by the masses that were necessary if it were to be imposed as a religious doctrine and they did not want to make the same mistake as the Gnostics in the II century who were isolated for the abstruseness of their reasoning, and so the alchemists decided to associate it to popular customs that used minerals, herbs and roots to cure illness and ease pain just like the Lombardic chefs who substituted the gold-dust, used by the rich to make Milanese risotto in the original recipe, with saffron, in order to make it accessible to the people.

Giovane stega e dragone - Hans Baldung

But how can you attribute the idea of the purification of the soul, which is a religious concept, to medications that came from minerals, herbs and roots? Well, the obstacle was overcome by turning to the eternal principle used by every worldly credence, that have always needed to create an infernal world to fight as an antithesis in order to assume the role of holders of salvation.

If theirs was “white magic” why was their aim to do well? Only “black magic” could have been their rival because it used herbs and minerals to make evil potions that brought pain and death. If the followers of “white magic” were the children of God, only the children of Satan could have been their enemies. The eternal duality of good and evil was based on this assumption and the concepts of salvation or damnation were transferred into the magic potions according to their purpose, they started to encourage hatred towards the imaginary masters of evil and they were called witches and wizards. They are remembered for their repulsive thinness that was changed later regarding women, in order to maintain that they were the Devil’s mistresses, and so it was decided that they were to become attractive and tempting. (2 photos)

The church, on understanding that this situation of antagonism between good and evil could be an advantage for imposing Christianity, whose doctrine was still contrasted by pagan beliefs and using the alchemists’ plan, started persecuting all those who refused to accept its dictates by accusing them of practising black magic.

So with the first edicts of conviction in the IX century, the witch-hunt started. This meant the burning of people at the stake, hangings and decapitations, which enabled the Church to impose the immorality of its doctrine on people by terrorising them; a reign of terror that lasted more than eight hundred years. (The last stake was lit in Poznen - Germany - in 1793).
The first victims, even if they were only excommunicated, were the Waldensians who were accused of practising witchcraft as followers of Satan (council of Verona 1184) just because they preached the poverty of Christ in opposition to the greed of the clergy.


Abiura di Galilei

The true persecution began in 1300 when the church started using witchcraft to eliminate the heretics, that is to say the protesters who opposed the church’s corruption, its ignorance and its absurd theological theories, among which the one regarding the Holy Trinity. Giordano Bruno, who was condemned to death under the accusation of witchcraft, is one of the most outstanding examples of this persecution.

Witchcraft, created by the alchemists and used by the Church as a means to impose its hegemony with the horrors of death sentences preceded by the cruellest tortures, became a reality to be believed and supported by most of the clergy and the upper classes who both started attending and celebrating the black mass and the “Saba” that ended in the most obscene orgies according to documents of that time.

Believing that witchcraft and black magic were practised by the lower classes means ignoring the truth. In fact the population who was terrified of persecution, was only needed in church as a supply of innocent victims. They were actually forced to confess to sins they never committed under torture so that their public sacrifice supplied the presupposition to sustain the existence of a demon to avoid, unless they wanted to be accused of being God’s enemies.

How could they find witches to stoke the fire of the stake? How could they eliminate the protesters of dogma and ecclesiastical corruption? It was a very easy matter: all that was necessary was an anonymous letter, probably sent by the clergy, or information from an unknown person to prosecute a heretic or a follower of black magic whose existence was indispensable to the Church, in order to impose white magic, whose rituals were a perfect imitation of pagan ceremonies and based on holy water and blessed oil, on the bread of eternal salvation, on signs traced out in mid-air, on clouds of incense and anathema against Satan “et aliosque spiritos malignos…”.

Inside the churches the priests made the witches fly their broomsticks in their homilies while outside the victims burnt on the stake, the clergy and the nobility organised their “Saba” and performed their “black masses” murdering so many new-born babies, according to police reports, to shock us all considerably.
The prostitution organised by the clergy, the sexual activity in monasteries and convents, the frequent unrestrained concubinage of the priests and incest made Rome, the home of Christianity, a city of bastards. - THE FABLE OF CHRIST –
( ).

Orgies and witchcraft among the clergy

The most corrupt bishops and popes were elected among the prelates so that the clergy could engage in obscenity and vice freely. The few clergymen who opposed its immorality were insulted, defamed or even murdered with poisoned potions or hosts.
Licentiousness was so rooted in the church to believe it normal and right to use sex as a source of income. Claiming to have special relics against sterility hundreds of monks and priests made large sums of money by using their sexual attributes as a commercial means with the women who hurried to the monasteries to receive grace.

The religious orders that engaged themselves in the miracles of fecundation were the Franciscans and the Carmelites who, after having separated men from women, therefore husbands from their wives because of the principles imposed by Christian morality, took the women to their cells, passing through secret passages and doors which they continued to use until the XVIII century, even if the council of Paris in 1212 had ordered them to be sealed.
These monks were as sexually active inside their cells as they were outside when they left the monasteries to go as preachers and beggars into the surrounding countryside, The chronicles of the time reported that their value as lovers had acquired such prestige that women lived in the hope that they would come their way.

According to modern psychology the causes that brought these monks to search continually for sexual satisfaction were not only the most obvious such as continual exercise and lack of worry, but also the continual itching they suffered due to the filth that covered their bodies.

The reason why the Franciscans and the Carmelites distinguished themselves in sexual activity compared to the other orders depended above all on the excessive severity of their rules that considered even touching the body to scratch oneself a sin.
That prohibition was the origin of their sexual greed is proved by the fact that even though it was easy for them to fuck women of every age and class, they also practised homosexuality unrestrainedly. The elders imposed pederasty quite naturally on the novices and always took a novice with them when they left the monastery.

Among the many laws the councils made to stop homosexuality in monasteries and convents there was one which prohibited sleeping in the same bed and imposed the presence of night supervisors in the dormitories.

According to an established plan, whenever a convent was founded, one or two or even three monasteries were built beside it with communicating tunnels, which still exist today. The sexual relationships between monks and nuns were made so formal that the monks considered the nuns their own private property. This still happens today in some underdeveloped countries).

In an inspection of convents ordered by Henry VIII they found that 60% of the nuns were pregnant. As the danger of dying after an abortion due to infection or haemorrhage frightened the nuns, most of them preferred to give birth to their babies. The new-born babies who survived were very few because they were strangled unscrupulously by their own mothers for that tranquillity of conscience they got from absolution granted to them by “casuistry” (the book which made it possible for the confessors to examine every singular case and to establish penitence according to the wilfulness in committing the sin).
Here are some cases of casuistry in order to comprehend the basis of Christian morals:

1) Muslim soldiers were condemned by the church for rape and sexual assault, Christian soldiers were absolved because it was considered the women’s fault for having excited them with their attractiveness.
2) If Satanists put the statue of the Madonna in the middle of an orgy it was considered a serious sin, whereas for the clergy and noblemen it was considered a merit because putting her in direct contact with sin exalted her virtue.
3) In the book where the Pope’s request for forgiveness is reported, it says, “One must always consider that if the church commits crimes it depends on the fact that it was forced to commit them by the people who endured them”.

A priest who was a chronicler of the time named Barletta had the chance to visit convents as a preacher and confessor. He reported that he often heard screams of new-born babies being suffocated, coming from the toilets, and a certain Franciscan monk called Maillard wrote: “ If we had good hearing, we would hear the screams of the babies as they are thrown into toilets and rivers”.
Another deposition regarding the murder of new-born babies by nuns made by Henri Estienne who was a monk and confessor, wrote: <<“These crimes are usual in convents where the nun’s children are killed by their own mothers who strangle them as soon as they leave their bodies”>>.

Black masses

The Church collected evidence for trials against innocent people in the vilest ways, such as anonymous letters and false declarations, while the clergy and nobility organised orgies based on macabre rituals called “black masses”, where children were slaughtered, supplied by convents or priests’ concubines. During Luis XIV’s reign thousands of babies were killed. One priestess alone called Voisin sacrificed more than two thousand, and Abbott Guilburg, one of the prelates who held black masses for the French nobility, killed on average six babies a week for several years. Miss Montespan also played an active role in the mass by putting her naked body at their disposal. According to a report by the chief of the Paris police, Lieutenant La Reynie, Abbot Guiburg, lacking in children to sacrifice, murdered his own children on two occasions, born from his innumerable concubines.
The ritual proceeded by pouring the infant’s blood into a goblet which was mixed with the baby’s liquid and solid secretions until it became a paste and following a Satanic consecration carried out by imitating the Eucharistic Christian ritual, it was then used to cast wicked spells. For example, Miss Montespan put the paste into Louis XIV food in order to gain his favour, and just like the Abbot Guilberg, Manette the Episcopal vicar of Paris, the Abbots, Davot, Sebault, Lepreux, Le Sage and many others, held black masses, as we can see from the chronicles of the time and the numerous police reports.

Aided by the terror so cynically and cruelly transmitted to the people, the popes immersed themselves so far into this world of depravity that most of them were actually bastards born from relationships of other popes with concubines and prostitutes or from incestuous relationships.
John XII, who became Pope at sixteen, was born from the incestuous relationship between Pope Sergio III and his thirteen year old daughter Marozie. John later became his own mother’s lover, in fact Marozie was both her father’s (Pope Sergio III) and her son’s (Pope John XIII) mistress at the same time.
If anyone dared to criticise this immorality they were burnt at the stake under the accusation of witchcraft or heresy.

Syphilis arrived in Europe when America was discovered. Most of the clergy contracted this disease and many of them died of it. No clergymen were immune to it including the popes such as Julius II and Leon X who, as a bastard was favoured at St. Peter’s and therefore became a Cardinal at fourteen and was elected Pope at thirty-five, after having contracted syphilis at twenty-five. Sixtus IV, who ordered the building of the Sistine chapel, had syphilis too, but this did not stop him from having two children from his elder sister. He was bisexual and such a pederast and sodomite that, according to the writings of the chancellor D’Infessura , many clergymen actually became cardinals in return for their sexual services. (Don’t forget that Michelangelo was a homosexual).
Pope Sixtus XI organised prostitution by setting up the brothels that the Church continued to administer until not long ago, that is until they were closed by Minister Merlini. There were hundreds of these brothels set up by the church all over the Christian world. In fact, they were considered a sure source of income and so the popes often assigned them the duty to support the dioceses, whose bishops took sides with the parishes assigning each one a prostitute who was considered the Church’s property and had to hand her earnings over to the priest every fortnight.
Among these brothels, the worst for its perversity and ostentation of wealth and organisation was certainly the Vatican, where every night masses of homosexuals and women dressed as men entered to animate the orgies of the Rome nobility, who were illegitimately related to the prelates and also to the Pope himself.
In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries 50% of the population of Rome were bastards from convents, from brothels or from the priest’s relationships with their numerous concubines. (Read THE FABLE OF CHRIST – ).

Homosexuality among the clergymen

If the Franciscans and the Carmelites were famous for being great lovers of women, the Jesuits were famous for being pederasts. According to Voltaire, Grécourt, Mirabeau and other writers and historians of that time, the Jesuits used to reward scholastic merit by taking the pupils to bed.

According to the historian Benedetto Varchi, the Bishop of Faenza, Monsignor Cheri died while being sodomized by Pierluigi Farnese, the illegitimate son of Paul III.

By now the debauchery practised among the clergy was so natural that Leon X legalised it with his code-book “ Camera Taxe”, which with its 35 articles granted forgiveness for all crimes, even the most brutal, by simply paying a fine to the Pontifical treasury.
You only have to look at some of the articles in the Camera-Taxe in order to realise how Christianity used immorality as a basis for its imperialism.
Art. 1) A clergyman who commits a carnal sin with his own sisters, daughters, cousins, nieces, or other women shall be absolved if he pays 67 libre.
Art. 2) If a clergyman asks for absolution for having committed sins against nature with a child or an animal it shall be granted him, if he pays 131 libre.
Art. 5) Priests are permitted to live with their relations in concubinage if they pay 76 libre.
Art. 9) If a priest kills a layman he shall be absolved if he pays 15 libre.
Art. 10) If a murderer has killed two or more people on the same day, he shall pay 15 libre, as if he had only killed one.
Art. 14) For the murder of a brother, a sister, a father or a mother, the murderer shall pay 17 libre.
Art. 18) He who wants to be granted absolution for all the murders he will commit in the future, shall pay 168 libre.
Art. 29) The bastard son of a priest who wants to succeed his father in religious functions, shall pay 27 libre.
(You can buy the book “La Camera Taxe”, with imprimatur, directly from the Vatican in Via del Paradiso 23 – Vatican City).

While the clergy and the nobility were arrogantly committing every type of iniquity, “heretics and witches” were burnt alive at the stake in order to purify their souls with fire; the former were accused of refusing to follow the dictates of the Church and the latter of mating with the Devil, of flying on broomsticks, of kissing cats’ bottoms and making magic potions by mixing snakes’ tongues, toads’ tails and chicken feathers…
Christianity was based on this morality and it was used to bestow an invented imposture on an individual, Jesus Christ, who never existed, as proven in the book, “THE FABLE OF CHRIST”. ( ).

But things have not changed, both the immoral behaviour and the obscurant principles have remained the same, therefore presuppositions, such as hindering scientific research and favouring starvation and ignorance, are necessary in order to support the immorality of a hegemony based on utopia and abstractionism of a God who needs demons, exorcism and magic to exist.
Even if the Church wishes to hide its infamous nature behind hypocrites and opportunists appealing to the peace of the people, it has remained unchanged in its obscurantism, which is congenital to it and to its immorality capable of any crime. If today it limits itself to exorcism in order to free demoniacs from Satan, it is only due to social evolution brought to us by atheist enlightenment. In fact the Church can no longer resort to the burning at the stake and the fires that, contrary to what we may believe, are still smouldering, camouflaged by hypocritical requests for forgiveness and theatrical invocations of peace. The constitution of a Catholic association, which is anxious to light the fires at the stake again is clear evidence:
“Declaration made by the prefecture of Paris for the constitution of an association”.
Object: To re-establish the Inquisition, which shall destroy the documents opposing the Christian doctrine and impede the propagation of these ideas through other means, which naturally implies fighting heresy, false religions and ideologies.
Date of the founding of the association 17/09/1996.
(So be careful not to read “THE FABLE OF CHRIST ( ) otherwise you might find your name in the black book and the Inquisition could use you to stoke the fires of future stakes if the Church regains its power once more).

The Celibacy of Priests

A short account of priestly celibacy is necessary in order to fully understand the hypocrisy on which the Catholic Church bases its imposture.
378 – The emperor Flavio Graziano declared Damaso, the bishop of Rome, chief of all bishops of Christianity. (Damaso was the first pope legally recognised by the state).
388 – Pope Siricio, Damaso’s successor imposed celibacy on priests with the penalty of excommunication for those who refused to practice it.
Celibacy was respected until the Christian world was forced to elect married civil servants as bishops in order to oppose the barbarian invasions. As the Church was obliged to revise and modify its laws due to these events, it allowed marriage on the condition that the married couple did not sleep in the same bed. (This was controlled through confession).
When the barbarian invasions were over the Church brought back celibacy so severely that they condemned the priests’ concubines and children to slavery. (Council of Toledo in 633).
The persecution towards married priests was so ferocious that many were driven to suicide (Council of Toledo in 683, and most of the others were forced to cheat the law by employing their mothers and sisters as housemaids, which resulted in incest and the birth of offspring, as we can see from the reports of the council of Mayenne in the year 888: “The main cause for our chastisement is God’s wrath for all the children born from priests and their sisters”.

As Christian theology comes from pagan concepts such as the Logos, the Eucharist, the resurrection, dualism between good and evil, the virginity of the saviour’s mother (soter), and the rituals, which are a perfect reproduction of the cults of mystery that were held in honour of Marduk, Dionysus, Isis, Osiris, Astarte, and above all Mithra, (THE FABLE OF CHRIST – ) also the celibacy of the priests originates from the most primitive religions which believed that everything existing on the Earth, whether it be animal, vegetable or mineral, had an interior energy (animism).
Starting from this assumption, these beliefs came to the conclusion that mankind, through the privilege of birth or acquired merits, had more interior energy than the other existing things. They attributed this increase in interior energy to man’s continence, which they called “Mana”. The more a man remained sexually pure, the greater his prestigious energy became and his magical powers depended on this; they enabled him to invoke the rain, to cure the sick, to assure victory, and even resurrect the dead. These people who attributed the power of mediation between mankind and the divinities on themselves represented the priests in the religions that followed. The Mana, according to some beliefs, stayed in the body and soul of the Holy Man, long after his death, in order to carry out wonders through influences sent back to us from the afterlife. This is why the church confirms the sanctity of its heroes through “post-mortem” miracles. ( One miracle gives bliss, two miracles give sanctity).

Except in very rare cases, women were not allowed to become ministers and this was because even if they remained chaste they could not stock up on energy due to the dissipation of strength during menstruation, which besides making them lose their charismatic virtue, also made them impure. As the only time a woman could accumulate Mana was before menstruation began, the pubertal virgins were very highly considered as bestowers of favours and there are cases in history of kings and heroes who went to bed with them to get energy and recovery from their positive fluid.
This is the reason why Christianity has great consideration for the virgin saints.

Many religions followed this animistic conviction and imposed sexual abstinence on their priests so that they would acquire supernatural gifts, which would permit them to elevate themselves above other men to place themselves between them and God. To make sure they were absolutely chaste the priests of Cibele, Astarte and Artemis cut off their penises with knives made of silica. In the Taoist religion the priests were wiser and refused any type of eviration. They believed that one loses strength through ejaculating sperm, but that one can have orgasms and accumulate Mana as long as the sperm is withheld. Everything depends on interior energy, which if withheld goes back into circulation in the body absorbed by the spinal cord. The benefit of this auto-fecundation (as they call it) is so great that it is considered a basic presupposition in order to arrive at the spiritual perfection necessary to reach Nirvana. (Everyone should draw their own conclusions regarding different religions).

Athenagora said in his apology to Marcus Aurelius regarding the priests’ auto-castration: << A god who drives his followers to go against nature can only be mad>>. Mathew, who edited the first canonical gospel, had a different opinion and exalted the priests’ castration in Jesus’ reply to the disciples when they stated that: as marriage was indissoluble it was not convenient to marry because a man could not repudiate his wife: <<Everyone must get married except those who are allowed not to marry. There are eunuchs who are born in this way; others who are made eunuchs by other men, and those who make themselves eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven>>. (Mathew 19-12).
Even if we are not really interested which category Christ belonged to on this website, but since the Gospels state that he was not married, this report from the Gospel of Saint Mathew assumes great importance because it shows us that Jesus was made priest par excellence as an example to priests that according to the church they should all be the same as him in order to carry out their sacred ministry among mankind.

Jesus’ Mana is among the most powerful that one can conceive: he gave the blind their sight back, straightened the limbs of the lame, exorcised the possessed, resuscitated the dead, performed miracles and healed the sick from a distance, even if they only touched his toga.
Therefore priests, in order to carry out marvels on Earth such as: forgiveness of sins, freeing the possessed from evil spirits and demons, healing with holy oil, assuring fruitful harvests through rogation and above all performing the miracle of transforming bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, must be similar to Jesus, especially concerning chastity, which is an indispensable virtue in order to perform sacerdotal ministry.
A priest made impure by marriage, besides not having the Mana that enables him to perform wonders, would make Jesus impure too when he joins with him while administering the sacrament of Eucharist; the sacrament in which he identifies himself with Christ by saying:<<This is my body, this is my blood>>. By making Jesus impure he would negate the Communion of Saints, which is the basis of the institution of the Church and, just as the virgin spouse of Christ, requires purity in every part of the body.

A priest made impure by marriage that is by carnal union with a woman could never have enough Mana to absolve sins, to hold mass, to exorcise evil spirits or to carry out all those functions that make him different to other men. Even kings and emperors kneel before him to receive absolution for their sins. The abolition of priests’ celibacy, which makes the priest’s figure useless by removing the indispensable requirement for priesthood, which is purity, would mean the end of the Church, which as an association of Saints gets the pretext to impose a universal, theocratic imperialism of the energy of Mana that comes from the guaranteed virginity of the marriage to Christ, who is the chaste priest par excellence. ( This is how it stands at the moment because in the future, due to the growing rebellion, the Church will be forced to allow priests to marry. The problem will surely be solved once again as it is good at fraud and swindle and it will change its own laws, as it did in the fifth century when it allowed marriage as long as the couple did not sleep in the same bed).

Let us go over the theological concept regarding celibacy by reading the words of Saint Paul (a completely imaginary character as was amply proved in the book “THE FABLE OF CHRIST – ), when he addresses his followers: <<Everybody knows that our bodies are parts of Christ; but would you be willing to join with a prostitute’s body parts>> I could be asked. <<If a priest always consecrates the Eucharist in a state of impurity and he transmits this impurity to Christ with the host, who can this Christ be if he is so soiled by sacrilegious communions that are carried out daily by his clergymen who live in the most infamous depravity? What is the Catholic Church, this “communion of saints” if in reality it is only a mixture of filth and sin?

The Catholic Church’s law stating that priests cannot marry because they must remain chaste to carry out their sacerdotal ministry is simply another trick in order to support its imposture and it is confirmed by Pope Pious IV, during the council of Trento: <<Marriage would make priests loyal to the families they form, giving them obligations to the home, with a consequent slackening in their duties regarding the Church>>, and Cardinal Carpi stated even more clearly: <<If priests were allowed to marry, they would tend to obey the state due to social obligations resulting from their wives and children>>… What has happened to Christ, purity and virginity?! (THE FABLE OF CHRIST – ).

Sexuality in today’s church

The fact that the church’s behaviour and attitude is as scandalous now as it was in the past is confirmed by several facts, for example the countless orphanages, all protected and financed by the Vatican for raising the priests’ children, born in thousands every year all over the world.
At the Father Superiors’ Congress, held in Rome in September 2000, Abbess Esther Faugman, after having deplored the sexual situation in the ecclesiastic world, said: <<We sisters have a heavy cross to bear as victims of the sexual abuse and assault that priests subject us to>>, and she continued by stating that in undeveloped countries where impudence is encouraged by the inefficiency of the civil authorities, priests can shamelessly take advantage of sisters and use convents as brothels: <<It is quite normal to see a priest turn up at a convent to ask for a sister with whom he can satisfy his sexual desires.>>
The same wrongful acts happen in the western world as in underdeveloped countries. Here too it has become customary to blackmail nuns or offer special assignments in exchange for sexual favours: Concession of documents, assignment of jobs for Monsignors as social workers, secretaries or housekeepers when really it is only to camouflage a state of concubinage, as well as the spiritual and material blackmail that priests use on novices who are only plagiarised maidens and therefore give themselves to these dirty cheaters in exchange for the remission of sins or a little small change.

The places where sexual abuse usually take place, Rome being at the top of the list, are the large centres of Christianity where religious people flock from all over the world.
The foreign novices are the most popular because, as they are young and sexually inexperienced they guarantee the prelates immunity from AIDS, which is widespread in the monasteries of underdeveloped countries where the nuns are infected by priests, a highly affected category of this disease, that has replaced syphilis in recent years.
This situation is giving the Church a lot of problems because it is difficult to hide its depravity from the secular world.

Fonte: settimanale Gente aprile 2002
The Pope himself tried to avoid a real scandal by apologising for the sexual abuse committed by priests on local populations, in an e-mail he sent to the Episcopal conferences in Australia, Tahiti, Samoa and Tonga. (Usque tandem, Catilinae, abuteri patientia nostra?).
Besides the disgust I feel about such insolence, what really filled me with indignation was the hypocrisy of the Italian press on hearing the news. Ignoring any ethnic moral concerns, instead of considering the fact as a confirmation of the Church’s immorality, the press preferred to regard it as a historical event because the great Pope, the maker of saints and supporter of war, had sent his first message by e-mail.



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