Atheism attacks Christianity in a lawsuit against its ministers for the abuse of popular credulity and the substitution of person. It is the first time in the history of mankind that a religion is prosecuted directly in a law case that will end with a verdict regarding specific and defined crimes.

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R.G.GIP 712/2003
Preoperating away fax to the telephone of the
Penal chancellery. GIP AND GUP.
By garbini 136
Fax GIP and GUP: 0761. 352827

The undersigned lawyer, in virtue of the special proxy in mortar, defender, in the actual procedure, of the denunciante

Luigi Cascioli

Following the reception of the notice of fixation of the date of the hearing in Chamber of suggestion for the next 21.11.2003 door to the attention of the Judge the following considerations.

The investigations have taken the movements from the accusation that the denunciante Luigi Calcioli you/he/she has moved against Mr. Henry Righi - that it is currently the priest of Bagnoregio-pointing out as the same Mr. Henry Righi, voluntarily induces in error some of the people through the imposture of the incontestability of Jesus of Nazaret. Contrarily and according to a lot of authoritative historical and scientific sources, the human stories attributed to Christ are - as he/she reports the same Luigi Cascioli-you remodel on the history of a real character: a certain Giovanni of Gamala; other and different from the Jesus of the Gospel; what, accordingly it is the literary elaboration risen by the reconstruction of the commemorative figurative portrait of he, that is recomposed doing it sets her/it of the original his/her semblances of native guerrillero antiromano. To it retries that Mr. Henry rules is usual to persuade the people which turn his/her own writings giving for real the man Jesus, the sheet of the Bulletin of the Parish of S. Bonaventura you/he/she has been attached in Gagnoregio n.245 of March - April 2002 in the report.

This defense allows that to the appearance the facts seem to consist in a dispute telogica, but the things are not in these terms.

To the Luigi's Calcioli confutations on the derivation of the figure of Jesus of the Gospel from the history of such Giovanni I give birth of Giuda of said Gamala the Galileo - a revolutionary been born to Gamala in Golanite that, to be descending of a dynasty, that of the Asmoneis, which it declared him of stock davidica and therefore it inhaled to the throne, it was pretender to the kingdom of Giuda and in consequence of this it organized, but without success, a historian revolt in weapons against the garrison in Rome that was the occupying power in Jerusalem. -Mr. Henry rules, that knows also the book of Calcioli, you/he/she has answered, challenging him/it, with in to affirm in the quoted bulletin and turning to whoever reads as is to intend, as from him you/he/she is narrated you, a real being certainly the man Jesus '.

Insofar the lesion to the protected juridical good from the penal norms that are assumed you are been violated by Mr. Henry Righi in report is actual. Still. Certainly actual the unlawfulness of the voluntary attribution of forgery name or of forgery state of a false quality (which achieves an any juridical effect) also where, as in the case in examination, publicly the diffused imposture concerns to the name, the state and the quality of a person, Giovanni I give birth of Giuda (been born to Gamala in Golanite) that lives in a remote past.

Since it is recognizable and recognized the scientific incontestability of the real affiliation to the history of the man Jesus and best man, to signature of Mr. Henry Righi, in the quoted bulletin the human story of a man described and defended as if it absolutely were historical and this is absolutely done through the mere sources reference not coeve and notoriously formed him away from the places in which I/you/they am ambientati the events and the characters of the story (as it is the Council of Calcedonia), it appears not groundless the debit moved to Mr. Henry Righi to want that he continues in to induce (despite the numerous ones and you acquire to the knowledge contrary and concordant tests) in error the more-covertly attaching positions of the Cascioli - thanks to the imposture of the historical incontestability of Jesus of Nazaret.

To the light of such reasonings he/she wonders, therefore, that this Judge, kept account of the imprescindibilità of the indication of Mr. Henry Righi what presumed author of the violations, wants to point out him/it, to make to recognize and if you/he/she allows you to make to feel what blamed to the goals of the demonstration of his/her involvement for the facts reported by to appraise to the goals of the prosecution of the actual procedure.

With observance.
Avvocato Mauro Fonzo .


The undersigned born Luigi Calcioli 16.02.34 to Bagnoregio (VT) and resident ivi in Roccalvecce-Viterbo, street of the Provinces 45/B nomination to really defender the lawyer Mauro Fonzo of the hole of Perugina, October 17 th 1952 and resident been born in Rome to Foligno (PG), Cavour avenue 84, telephone 0742.340038, conferring to the aforementioned defender every faculty to name his/her substitutes to the senses of the art 102 of the C.P.P. as well as to the senses and for the effects of the art. 122 C.P.Ps. the undersigned constitutes and it names the aforesaid defender really special attorney for the conclusion of every type of defensive activity recognized by the direct law to get that the criminal liability is affirmed with consequent sentence of the blamed one, attributing him every necessary faculty to the accomplishment of the order inclusive ivi that to introduce the action ready to the competent authority, to compile and to introduce all the appeals of any type understood the application of probative accident, to formalize applications of reimbursement of the damage and to propose every type of impugnazione faculty hips of the defender.

It expresses his/her own consent to the treatment of the personal data to the senses of the Law n. 675/1996 that it declares to know in his/her exact terms.

You does besides present that Luigi Cascioli is available to present himself/herself/themselves in front of the S.V. to furnish every profit explanation and, therefore, the same denunciante asks to be felt.
With observance.
Luigi Cascioli.

Roccalvecce – Viterbo, 15 novembre 2003.
Avvocato Mauro Fonzo



Thanks to a perfect bank and post service, the first edition of The Fable of Christ has been outsold also due to an excellent carrying out of the consignment

© Luigi Cascioli